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Gabriels Projects: The Nature Centers Network

The San Gabriel Mountains Regional Conservancy currently operates and/or partners with educational programming for three regional Nature Centers and natural areas in the San Gabriel Valley.  See Santa Fe Dam, Galster Wilderness Nature Centers and Glendora Community Conservancy Nature Center featured below.

If activities at any of the facilities in our Nature Center Network are of interest to you, you can add your email to the Conservancies Contact Listing by emailing a listing request to director@sgmrc.org.

The Santa Fe Dam Nature Center Newsletter is a monthly publication promoting the preservation and enjoyment of the Santa Fe Dam Natural Area.  Please come, enjoy, learn and volunteer.  To receive a newsletter via email, Contact Frank Ayala at santafedamnaturecenter@gmail.com.

Santa Fe Dam Nature Center Logo

Santa Fe Dam Nature Center tells the story of plants and wildlife that have lived historically to the present on the alluvial fan of the San Gabriel River.  The plant community of the river fan, Alluvial Fan Sage Scrub (afss), is among the rarest and last of its kind in Los Angeles County.  Only two afss vestiges are left on the San Gabriel River: here at Santa Fe Dam and downstream at Whittier Narrows.  Rare and endangered plants, birds, and other wildlife species inhabit these unusual habitat areas.  Examples include:  cactus wrens, California gnatcatchers, scissor-tail flycatchers, horned lizards, kangaroo rats, and more.  It should also be pointed out that the Santa Fe Dam has one of the longest bird listings for inland lakes and flyways in the County.

The Nature Center is open daily from 10 am to 1.  (More hours open with more Volunteers Recruited!  Ask for an appointment to discuss volunteering, hours of interest, resource/display needs, giving resources/donations, and training opportunities by contacting:  SFD/NC Volunteer.

Saturdays Special Programs:

  1. First Saturdays - Nature Walk from 10 to 11am (for groups, please register group/leader/number/ages with tchang65@gmail.com)
  2. Second Saturdays - Nature Hobbies - Special Presentation Theme Each Month
  3. Third Saturdays - Bird Walk
  4. Fourth Saturdays - Saturdays Special Programs (for groups, please register group/leader/number/ages with nanbegg@earthlink.net)
  5. Fifth Saturdays - Buggy Bonanza (lots of questions, displays, walks, identification, etc. all about bugs and creepy crawlies - come and share fun and exploration with the Nature Center Entomologist)

On Wednesdays and Thursdays, there are also special programs on Kizh Topics (Native Americans Culture and Activities).

Kizh Ceremonial Circle at Santa Fe Dam Nature Center

galster park logoGalster Wilderness Park Nature Center, located on the northern slopes of the San Jose is the newest addition to SGMRC's Nature Center Network and educational programming.  The area around the Nature Center is home to a large Southern California Black Walnut Plant Community - one of the rarest of indigenous woodlands in the state.  Coastal Sage Scrub Plant Communities may also be found nearby, home to endangered bird species such as the California gnatcatcher.  We invite your help in compiling plant, bird, and wildlife listings, plus photography, to add to Nature Center resources.  Come see and help with our continuing progress.  Nature Center official opening was March 8, 2008.

Unfinished Galster Park Nature Center

Contact us/SGMRC if you would like to start or need assistance in getting a Nature Center going in your area.  No child should be left without the advantages of Nature Center fun and learning!

Glendora Community Conservancy Nature Center, is another of our parternering Nature Centers.  Ask about information and programs and how you can help by checking the website of the Glendora Conservancy at:  www.glendoraconservancy.org.

Glendora Community Conservancy Logo
Photograph by Shirley DeBraal                         

The above brodiaea is the endangered thread-leaved brodiaea fo the Lily Family.  Brodiaea Week is the second week of May.

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