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Areas of Interest: General Interest

Specify your interests to SGMRC for getting involved in your local/regional resources. While dollars and volunteering elsewhere help a myriad of other regions, people, and causes, contributions and talents can greatly help improve the health and quality of life for people and natural areas in the Greater San Gabriel Valley - home to more than three million people.

Support your local/regional resources! Watch your investments of funding and time grow, educating and nurturing others for a healthier watershed and future!

Tell us how you would like to become involved on a regular basis.

Some of the many interests of SGMRC include: Education Connections, Studies & Research, and Legislative Connections.

Education is a high priority component of the mission of SGMRC. Education projects include: The Environmental Roundtables, Nature Center/Santa Fe Dam and more. SGMRC is interested in both curriculum and delivery/distribution of watershed learning opportunities for all ages.

Studies & Research continue to be collected as a regional resource. Many valuable studies of universities and consultants need to be collected and housed at Nature Centers or reference sites for use by the agencies and the public.

Legislative Connections include informed discussions and planning for visits with and letters to our legislators and governance representatives, local to federal levels, as they help to shape the future of land and resources. An informed people and electorate are vital to the health, whether economic or social, whether habitat or home, of people and natural resources.

Read more about the topics of interest to you by using the pull-down navigation above. We look forward to hearing from you.

If you would like to be notified by e-mail of upcoming Roundtables, please send your address to our mailing list.

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