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About Gabriels Projects: A Brief Introduction

Another Gateway to the world of SGMRC is the Gabriels Projects. Below is a very brief introduction to what and how SGMRC is involved in through a great variety of projects in the region. You will note some projects fit into several of the organizing categories. We invite your interest and participation!

Education Projects

Watershed Projects

Mitigation & Restoration

  • Arundo Clearance & Restoration
  • General/Specific Clearance & Restoration
  • Weed Abatement and Integrative Management/Planning
  • WOW Conference (War on Weeds)
  • Oak Woodland, Riparian, etc. Restoration
  • Biodiversity & Rare/Endangered Species Protection/Culture/Study
  • Native Plant Gardens, Community Gardens, Operation: Stepping Stones
  • GIS, etc. Mapping, Strategic Planning & Research
  • Partnerships

Land Acquisition & Management

  • Land Acquisition Strategic Planning
  • Planning Profiles/Portfolios Catalog
  • Green Transfer Services Group
  • Natural Partners/Consultants Group
  • Technical Consultants Group
  • Partnerships

Special Projects