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San Gabriel Mountains Regional Conservancy (SGMRC) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, public benefit corporation. Your gifts offer a new future, locally and regionally in stewarding and sustaining through open space planning and land protection.

Office giving opportunities, matching grants, financial planning or the United Way may be designated for tax deductible gifts to the conservancy.

Giving categories and projects for public benefit include:

  • Land purchase & acquisition
  • Conservation easements
  • Community service & sponsorship projects
  • Stewardship and environmental awareness outreach
  • Endowments & grants
  • Education and curriculum development
  • Natural & agricultural open space lands protection
  • Restoration & recovery projects
  • Land trust & conservancy counseling
  • Consulting & workshop teams
  • Partnering projects & programs
  • Special projects for youth
  • Nature Center programs
  • Docent & volunteer training
  • Community Partnership Projects - Providing opportunities to share with businesses, organization, churches, schools, families and individuals.

*Ask us for a listing of projects under each of these categories.

Looking ahead at roles and goals:

  • To prepare the draft Watershed Management Plan for the Upper San Gabriel River Watershed

  • To continue distribution of the award winning study: Reconnecting the San Gabriel Valley (June 2000);
    re: Land Use Planning & Policy Development

  • To educate re: advantages of Greenway Network Models/Approaches

  • To expand Environmental Roundtable education & outreach

  • To add to the regional conservancy human resources listing

  • To continue to provide consulting and assistance to local conservancies and/or land trusts for preservation successes

  • To fund staffing and project goals through grants and contributions

  • To promote collaboration, consensus, mentoring and partnering

  • To assist the state conservancy (RMC), and other agencies in implementation, collaboration, advisory, and human resource roles

  • To increase conservancy educational and media resources availability

  • To expand speakers bureau and programs

  • To expand the website with new interactive & paperless communication and education roles

  • To expand collaborative roles through "Community Partners" Grants/Projects, and collaborative expertise sharing through "Natural Partners

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